Get Instagram Reels Views Free 10000 by 7 IG Reels Views Apps

5K/10K views on Instagram Reels can be hacked with 1. hashtags; 2. cooperation; 3. peak times; 4. 7 Instagram Reels views free increase apps in this passage.

Dale | Updated 2023-01-10

The popularity of short videos has led to functional innovations on many social platforms including Instagram. Instagram Reels has been in the works for over 3 years and has set off such a rage that some related statistics like the average time spent on Instagram have risen significantly in multiple countries and regions. Though the users getting more and more, for the creators, however, Instagram Reels views went still. 

Instagram Reels Views Free

How to seize this opportunity and get more Instagram Reels views, as well as likes, has become the most intractable problem in front of the creators. In this case, 7 free Instagram Reels views apps and sites will be discussed in this passage to bring you the most organic Reel growth.


  • 3 Ways to Get Instagram Reels Views 10000 Fast
  • Overview of 7 Free Instagram Reels Views Apps
  • Insta Followers Pro - Get 5K Reels Views on Android
  • IG Liker - Best Instagram Reels Views App
  • IG Tools - Increase 5K Views on Reels Fast Online
  • IG Panel - Get Instagram Reels Views Free 10K
  • AllSMO - Instagram Reels Views Free Online
  • SocialBar - Get Instagram 10K Views on Instagram Reels Online
  • Like4Like - Get Instagram Reels Views Free 10000

3 Ways to Get Instagram Reels Views 10000 Fast

With tools, there are 3 approaches to getting Instagram Reels views free 10000 or even more including adding followers for your Instagram Reels, getting likes for your Reels, and buying Instagram Reels views directly.

  • Add IG followers to increase Instagram Reels views

There's no doubt that the most important factor for your Instagram Reels views is followers. Or, probably your ultimate goal of posting Instagram Reels is to get continuous free Instagram followers. So, adding real and active Instagram followers with tools as your free Instagram Reels viewers is most recommended.

  • Get likes for Instagram Reels views increase

Another way to increase Instagram Reels views with the help of tools is to get Instagram likes. In this way, your Instagram Reels views and likes will go up at the same time, and this contributes more to your Instagram engagement rate, too.

Increase Instagram 5000 Reels Likes FREE !
  • Get free Instagram Reels likes to boost Instagram Reels views.
  • 50 - 1000 free Instagram Reels likes trials to choose from.
  • Choose multiple Instagram Reels to get likes at the same time.

  • Buy Instagram Reels views directly

Some platforms provide Instagram Reels views directly. However, fake views on Instagram reels app download is least recommended for seldom providers offer real and authentic ones. fake views on Instagram Reels do nothing help to your videos or your engagement rate.

Whatever methods you prefer, the following are 7 brilliant Instagram Reels views free apps as well as sites that provide various Instagram services. Make your choice after you know exactly where your Instagram Reels views will come from, and gain effective views for your Instagram Reels as well as engagement rate.

Overview of 7 Free Instagram Reels Views Apps

Here's a table of the 5 professional Instagram Reels 10k views free apps that compared their compatibility, services provide, viewers' quality, etc. You can check the table first, find the ones you are interested in, and then go to the next section to see the details.

Real Viewers 
Insta Followers Pro 
Online & Android 
Followers & Likes 
GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker 
Android, iOS & Online
Followers & Likes 
IG Tools 
Followers, Likes, Views, etc
IG Panel 
Followers, Likes, Views, etc
OnlineFollowers, Likes, Views, etcNot sure4.5
Social Bar 
Followers, Likes, Views, etc
Not sure 
Android, Windows & Mac 

Find the product that matches your devices and go to see its or their detailed info in the next part. Remember to check the “pros and cons” section and make your wise choice.

Insta Followers Pro - Get 5K Reels Views on Android

Insta followers pro is a platform that offers free IG likes and followers as well as paid packages as your Instagram Reels viewers. It works in a follow4follow mode. You can only get your Instagram Reels views increased here with the Android app since there's no iOS version yet. And both your IG username and password are needed here.

Instagram 5000 Reels Views Free APK - Insta Followers Pro


√ Free Instagram followers and likes are available.

√ Starting with 2 coins, you can decide how many coins people can get as a reward to follow you.


× No iOS version yet.

× IG password is needed even if you choose to buy followers and likes with money.

× To get IG likes, you need to copy a link for your post to here instead of just picking one inside the app.

× No matter how high you set reward coins for your followers, those who follow you will only get one coin at a time and the rest will be owned by the platform. So, it is a slow process to gain free Instagram Reels viewers here.

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IG Liker - Best Instagram Reels Views App

GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker is a platform for real and active Instagrammers. You can get all real Instagram followers and likes as your Instagram Reels viewers here both free and paid. In addition, both Android and iOS apps are supported. And you can even get 10k views on Instagram Reels without an IG password here.

Best Free IG Liker
Best Instagram Followers & Likes Gainer
  1. 100% free Instagram likes and followers without one penny
  2. Get real Instagram likes and followers without following
  3. Get Instagram likes and followers no password, no verificaiton

To know it well, here are 4 significant features of it:

Increase all real & active Instagram Reels viewers

All the users of this Instagram followers app are real and active ones. They can choose to follow and like people that they are interested in and skip those less attractive. So, all the followers or likes you get here will certainly continue to follow your future content including IG Reel.

Increase Instagram Reels views forever free

It's not 50 or 1000 free Instagram likes trial but forever free here. People use coins to buy followers and likes. And there are multiple easy tasks to earn coins within the app such as receiving the daily reward, opening the lucky box, joining the lucky draw, following a person, liking a post, etc. In this way, you can easily get Instagram Reels views free 10000 with coins here.

Unlimited Coins for Free Instagram Followers & Likes

Tap the button below to get coins for unlimited free Instagram followers, likes, views and comments now!

Join the Lucky Draw


Daily Check in


Follow Other Users
Comment on Other Posts


Like Other Posts

Increase Instagram Reels views safe & secure

It is believed to be the best app to get Instagram likes and followers for Increasing Instagram Reels views safely. You don't need to enter your IG password unless you choose to earn coins by following or liking people with this account. No leak, and no human verification.

Increase Instagram Reels views conveniently

The way to use GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker is easy and convenient, too. Just follow the 3 steps below to increase Instagram 5000 reels views free and fast.

Step 1. Download GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker to your devices.

Step 2. Earn unlimited free coins through multiple easy tasks.

Earn Coins for Instagram Reels Views

Step 3. Buy unlimited free Instagram Reels viewers as well as Instagram Reels likes with coins!

Buy Instagram Reels Views 5K Free with Coins

Here are some pros and cons summarized by users:


√ Forever free.

√ IG password is not necessary.

√ The app supports iOS and Android devices, and you can also purchase online.


× No Mac version yet.

× There are free likes as giveaways when you buy followers, but no free giveaways when buying likes.

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IG Tools - Increase 5K Views on Reels Fast Online

IG Tools is a platform that offers IG Reels Views directly. It has a concise home page and supports both English and Turkish. Though multiple services like the IG Tools followers, Instagram likes, and Reels views are claimed to offer here, some of them are unavailable from time to time.

IG Tools for Instagram Reels Views Increase


√ Multiple Instagram services.

√ Daily free Reels views are possible here.


× No app yet.

× There’s no guarantee that the Reels views obtained here are from real people.

× Some of those services are unavailable frequently. All the services marked red are unavailable at present.

Instagram Reels Views are Unavailable with IG Tools

× It’s not easy to login into this site since there’s complicated human verification and may be detected as abnormal login by Instagram.

Real-time update: The site was announced to shut down last year. 

IG Panel - Get Instagram Reels Views Free 10K

IG Panel is another Instagram Reels views free 1000 booster. IG Panel looks the same as the IG Tools mentioned above. So, they may be owned by the same company. So, with the same pros and the same cons. If you choose one out of the two, when the services you need are unavailable in each one, you can check another site.

IG Panel for Instagram Reels Views Increase

Same as the website above, it was shut down last year.

AllSMO - Instagram Reels Views Free Online

To make up for the absence of the above two sites, this article has collected two more sites to get 10k views on Instagram Reels. The first one is called It's famous for providing both free and paid Instagram services online. 

Instagram Reels Views Free Online by AllSMO


√ free with credits.


× limited free to 10 Instagram Reels views.

× Too many ads on the pages.

× countless jump pages before you get what you want.

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SocialBar - Get Instagram 10K Views on Instagram Reels Online

Another fantastic online site to get free Instagram followers, likes, as well as views is called It is basically a paid site in which you just find the services you need and enter the amount you need then the price will be displayed automatically. More than that, there's a 100 free Instagram followers social bar fast trial every day. If you are fast enough to be one of the first 100 visitors to the site, you can join the free trial luckily.

Get Instagram 10K Views on Instagram Reels Social Bar


√ automatic system.


× only the first 100 visitors can enjoy the free trial.

Like4Like - Get Instagram Reels Views Free 10000

This Instagram Reels views increase app works by providing IG likes. Like4Like works just like its name say - like for like. It is a totally free app to hack likes for Instagram but is limited to 25 likes a day unless you choose to watch an ad for 2 more. The significant pro of Like4Like is 100% free and the biggest inconvenience is providing likes only.

Instagram Reels Views Increase with Like4Like

That’s all the 5 Instagram Reels increasers, 3 of them support Android and one supports iOS. Pick the one that matches your devices first, and gain free Instagram followers as Reels views right now!

The Bottom Line

Instagram Reels is getting more and more popular with the continuously hot of short videos. Seizing this opportunity and getting more Instagram Reels views is urgent manner. Reels views are available with active followers, likes and views directly. In this case, 7 tools that provide various Instagram services are introduced in this passage for you. To get Instagram likes safely without a password for your Instagram Reels views, GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker is more recommended for its top security as well as authenticity. Just have a try and get Instagram Reels views 5k free right now!

Best Free IG Liker
Best Instagram Followers & Likes Gainer
  1. 100% free Instagram likes and followers without one penny
  2. Get real Instagram likes and followers without following
  3. Get Instagram likes and followers no password, no verificaiton

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