Top Liker Instagram: 10 Perfect Liker Instagram Apps Auto Free

This article offers 10 Instagram top likers for iOS and Android to help you grow likes and followers auto-free. Check these perfect likers and get 50 likes daily.

Tom | Updated 2023-03-17

According to the Instagram algorithm, the interaction with your followers on your posts such as likes, comments, and shares is one of the most important metrics to measure the quality and health of your Instagram account. However, for a start-up individual or enterprise, it is very hard and time-consuming to increase the number of likes and other engagement metrics unless you have maintained the community and kept offering value for a while. Therefore, to obtain competitiveness quickly, you need a top Instagram liker to boost free and natural Insta auto likes on your IG posts in a matter of weeks or even days. 

10 Top Instagram Likers

This article will introduce the 10 perfect liker Instagram apps for iOS and Android to help you grow likes and followers automatically on your IG account. Some of them are free, while some of them offer an additional premium version with more features. 


  • Benefits of Instagram Top Likers: Over 10 Instagram Likes Free
  • How to Choose a Top Liker Instagram App?
  • Comparison of 10 Perfect Liker Instagram Apps
  • 10 Instagram Top Likers for Insta Auto Free/Paid Likes

Benefits of Instagram Top Likers: Over 10 Instagram Likes Free

An automated Instagram liker is very useful when you need to popularize your posts and reach out to the most relevant audience that has a high potential to follow you, especially when you start from scratch.

The main benefits of using an Instagram auto liker app include:

  • Time-saving. Increasing likes is very time-consuming because it needs a lot of manpower to do topic research, follow Instagram updates and boost the performance of the posts. With an Instagram auto liker, you can get over 10 Instagram likes for free per day/hour, so it saves you a lot of time (and money) to get a close or better result. 

  • Brand building. Every business account holder on Instagram would like to maximize the audience coverage of each post, but it is impossible to get attention with posts without any existing engagement yet. An automated Instagram liker can add existing recognition and increase the visibility and exposure of the account and post, so it is very beneficial to build social reputation and authority for a brand in the IG community and later everywhere. 

Top Instagram Liker App

  • Consistency and sustainability. To enhance engagement of the Instagram post, the post needs to be active and popular all the time. An automated Instagram liker can send consistent likes to a post and might make some Instagram users frequently read this post. Consequently, there will be a high chance that they are turned into business customers and long-term followers. Your account has a great growing curve and good status to be able to take off in the future.

How to Choose a Top Liker Instagram App?

Instagram is one of the most competitive social media, so it has a very mature and powerful algorithm to ensure fairness and eliminate spam for all users. The issue most people are concerned about with an Insta liker is that their profile will look spammy and get banned. How to choose the Instagram perfect liker?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a top Instagram liker.

  1. Organic traffic. The best Instagram liker apps understand your profile and grow Instagram likes on your posts with people who are closely associated with your content. They never give you unnecessary likes and comments from bots, fake followers, and inactive accounts. likes on your posts are from real Instagram users.

  2. Free likes. For a starter with a limited budget, free likes are the priority. Spending too much money on buying IG likes and comments is not friendly to a long-term business. There are still other platforms waiting for investment.

  3. Unlimited and long-lasting likes. The increase in likes shouldn't have a limit because the larger number of likes a post gets the more visible the post will be. In addition, instead of a one-time boost, the top Instagram liker should provide consistent and long-term likes and followers to the account and posts. Otherwise, once the engagement is lost before a brand is built up, you will lose followers instantly and your account will be far less active.

  4. Instant delivery. Look for Instagram services that have a stable server and deliver likes on your IG posts without delay and drop. A top Instagram liker, especially the Instagram auto liker without login, is supposed to boost your Instagram likes to 1000 within days. This is very important for posts that need immediate attention such as sales, new product releases, and the latest trends.

  5. Dedicated apps for iOS and Android. Since most users of IG are mobile users, the top Instagram liker should work on iPhones, Android phones, and then PCs.

  6. Increase organic followers. Followers that will regularly visit the account for updates and interact with the account are the ultimate goal, so it is better if the best Instagram liker app can help grow followers on the account organically and automatically at the same time. 

Comparison of 10 Perfect Liker Instagram Apps

Here is a comparison chart for the top 10 Instagram likers. Pick one quickly to get free and automated IG likes. 

App NameAuto LikesPriceSupported OSEase Operation
Like4LikeYesFreeAndroid, Mac, PCYes
Super LikesYesFreeiOS, AndroidYes
GetinselfGetInsstaIG LikerYesFreeiOS, Android, PCYes
Magic LikerYesFreeAndroidYes
Perfect LikerYesFreeiOS, AndroidYes
Followers GalleryYesFree/PaidiOS, AndroidYes
Follower Pro+YesFree/PaidiOS, AndroidNo
Turbo LikeYesFree/PaidiOS, Android, PC, MacYes
GrowthoidYesFree/PaidiOS, Android, PCNo

10 Instagram Top Likers for Insta Auto Free/Paid Likes

This article introduces 10 top Instagram liker apps that can give likes and even followers on your Instagram photos or videos. Their process of getting likes is pretty much the same as collecting points, coins, or other intermedia of any kind, and then exchanging the points or coins to get free likes on Instagram. Some of them have extra features and different configurations, read below to know the details on each app or service. 

Let's get started with the best free Instagram liker apps. 

5 Best Completely Free Instagram Top Liker App

1. Like4Like

Like4Like is a free Instagram-like service that connects people who are looking to exchange Instagram engagement. It doesn't work as a typical engagement tool but in service, sense to take the points you earn and exchange likes with others through its automated software. That is to say, every like you give out and you will eventually get one or even more in return. However, you are required to share your Instagram username and password to use the service, which you might feel uncomfortable and insecure with.

Free Instagram Liker - Like4Like

2. Super Liker

Super Liker for Instagram uses a "like for like" method and gains free likes on your posts. By searching hashtags, you can engage with feeds of your own niche by following and liking their content. Then you earn coins to exchange likes and new followers. This free Instagram liker app is easy to operate and very popular among Instagram users. 

Free Instagram Liker App- Super Likes

3. GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker

GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker can automatically increase authentic, real, and active likes and followers to your personal or business IG posts. It is a completely free Instagram likes booster using coins as an intermedium to exchange free likes through simple tasks like viewing, liking, and following other people's posts. This top Instagram liker iOS app can be downloaded in App Store. It also provides an APK for Android. You can get more than 10 Instagram likes free each day.

Best Free IG Liker
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How to use GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker to get more auto likes on your Instagram posts:

Step 1: Download this top Instagram liker IPA from App Store to your iPhone. It supports Android and you can find it in Google Store as well.

Step 2: Log in to your Instagram account and start to accomplish some simple tasks to collect coins.

Collecting Coins in Top Liker Instagram to Hack Likes

Step 3: Likes will be sent to your post automatically and unlimitedly by trading your coins from real and organic IG users.

Hack Like 1000 Free in Top Liker Instagram

4. Magic Liker

Magic Liker is another top Instagram liker app. Users have to view photos or videos and like them to get stars and spend stars to get likes from other users. In general, you can get real likes and natural follower growth on your IG posts and account. 

Free Instagram Liker App- Magic Liker

5. Perfect Liker

Perfect Liker is another manual and free Instagram liker app that you need to like, comment on and share other people's posts to earn tokens to obtain more likes on your own IG posts. It asks you to log in with your Instagram username and password (it says it will not save any of your credentials) and generates an exchange within the software. You can get more likes and followers if you invite your friends to use it.

Perfect Liker Instagram

Other 5 Top Instagram Liker Apps (With Premium)

The section below discusses other top Instagram liker apps or services. They both have a free plan and a plan with a little bit of extra cost. They usually can boost your views and likes for free, but organic and steady free Instagram followers every day requires a premium subscription.

1. Followers Gallery 

Followers Gallery is a free-to-use Instagram liking tool that can help IG users get Insta auto likes and to reach a wider audience. It claims to deliver real likes and followers to your account within 24 hours. You need to earn coins on the iOS or Android app and exchange for free likes and followers or go for a 30-day or 60-day subscription plan for daily followers.

2. GetInsta

GetInsta claims that it can easily get 100% free and high-quality Instagram followers and likes for its clients with its free plan without password or verification. You need to download its app and earn coins within it, and then get real followers to your Instagram profile. However, it is found that you still need to log in GetInsta account to be able to use its service. No free likes from GetInsta but you have to pay for instant likes and auto likes. It also has a premium plan for getting automatic 50 daily followers with $0.99.

3. Followers Pro+ 

Followers Pro+ is another top Instagram liker that helps you get organic engagement on your posts and growth on your account. It stands out because it can analyze your profile and Instagram followers by tracking followers gained and lost. You can only monitor one account but you can monitor multiple accounts if you enroll in a premium version.

4. Turbo Like 

Turbo Like for Instagram is one of the best Instagram likes app and guarantee to deliver 1,000 free Instagram real likes instantly to your photos or videos. It also works on a coin collecting scheme to exchange them with attention from other Instagram users. It provides in-app purchases of coins or followers. 

5. Growthoid 

Growthoid is an Instagram Growth Company that offers a monthly subscription to get people more real Instagram likes and followers. It offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee. It is different from other Instalikes tools as it plays a role as a marketing service to maximize organic growth on your IG account manually or by Al technology, instead of using bots. You probably can trust it for its authentication, but the growth is not guaranteed as it all depends on your content. By the way, it is the most expensive Instagram likes or followers stimulation plan, costing $49/month for a Standard membership.

Final Verdict

This article shares the best 10 Instagram liker apps that can grow your likes and followers organically. It is safe to use an Insta auto-free likes app to earn engagement and boost exposure if it uses real and active accounts. Be careful with free Instagram liker apps that use bots to deliver fake likes and followers. Once it is detected by Instagram, your account could be restricted to log in within 72 hours or be locked for good.

GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker is the perfect liker Instagram to provide instant likes and views on your Instagram profile. It is safe and private. Download this top Instagram liker app IPA on your iPhone or APK on your Android to become an Instagram star shortly.

Best Free IG Liker
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