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IG Liker is a free auto liker for Instagram that can help you get unlimited free Instagram likes & followers. IG Liker has 2 versions, one is for Android devices named GetInssta, another is for iOS devices named Getinsup. IG Liker is the best Instagram liker app. Easy to use and sending you 100% real Instagram likes & followers!

Get FREE Instagram Likes & Followers on IG Liker Forever

IG Liker is designed for those who want free Instagram likes & followers, the intermedium, coin, is what to make "free" possible. Through the task to follow and like, your coins will be accumulated. Then you can exchange your free Instagram likes & followers through these coins. For this app gathers countless active Instagrammers as a great community to interact with each other, it guarantees all likes you get are from authentic Instagrammers.

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What Makes IG Liker Outstanding

IG Liker is a fantastic Instagram likes booster accurately designed by an experienced and professional team, who solicit opinions and suggestions from extensive senior Instagram users. The following 4 points make it outstanding:

Free Forever

The likes & followers are totally free for you. You don't have to use the money to get Instagram likes & followers, but coins, the IG Liker intermedium to exchange your free Instagram likes & followers.

Free Instagram Likes

100% Real & Authentic

The huge platform gathers abundant active Instagram users, which guarantees all likes & followers are from real Instagram accounts, ensures no bot to free Instagram likes and followers.

Real Instagram Likes

Get Instagram Likes Without Limits

You will earn unlimited coins as you continuously do the easy coins task of following and liking. In addition, there’s no limit to use it. No survey, no verification, no password. It is a convenient Instagram auto liker without login.

Unlimited Free IG Likes

Instant, Automatic & Consistent

Once you select a plan, and proceed through your coins, all free Instagram likes & followers would be delivered instantly and automatically. Do the work repeatedly, free IG likes & followers will consistently come to your posts.

Instant IG Likes

Download the app, get free, real, instant, unlimited Instagram likes & followers now.

More Advantages

Totally Safe
Designed by our specialized team, this best Instagram auto liker app guarantees no virus and malware, ensures complete security.
100% Private
Your privacy is highly respected and protected. The best security system ensures full security with no leak and risk. Your privacy will be 100% secure.
24/7 Support
Our specialized support is available for always. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about IG Liker.

With IG Liker
Get Free Instagram Likes & Followers Unlimitedly

The benefits of IG Liker to get Instagram likes and followers are substantial for both businesses and individuals. Our app's users have sent us plenty of good feedbacks. Are you ready to become one of them and to get free Instagram likes & followers instantly? The time for this free Instagram likes & followers instant trial is unlimited.

Who Can Benefit from Getting Instagram Likes & Followers?

On social media market, IG Liker is able to provide all kinds of users with Instagram likes & followers service, promoting your IG account value in an expected period.

For Business
Getting more Instagram likes and followers helps to promote your brand awareness. Furthermore, helping your spread commercial brand, bringing more commercial ads and orders. As business accounts, to make your account to be authoritative is the base to achieve business victory. For that, IG Liker could do you a favor.
For Individual
As an individual, more Instagram likes & followers boost your self-confidence, bring more popularity and create more personal charisma. And, a person who gets those is also regarded as faddish. You will not reject being glamorous, won't you? IG Liker offers you a step to the top influencer, giving out a simple way to have a social network.

Now, get free Instagram likes & followers to promote your Instagram account.

See What Our 5,000,000+ Customers Review:

Christina Eliseuson

Christina Eliseuson

I am a senior college student. Before I became an Insta-addict, I felt so helpless for the low number of Instagram likes & followers. I was too afraid to post anything and fear of being ridiculed. Thanks to this top Instagram liker, it brings me lots of joy and my Instagram has been greatly enriched.

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Kevin Christie

Kevin Christie

I am a businessman, and I have a fairly successful career. Looking back now, everything started with the IG Liker. I downloaded its Android version named GetInssta, it successfully helped me build up my commercial brand. It gives me so much leisure to work online and brings me the full motivation to proceed.

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Renee Hensley

Renee Hensley

It is a fantastic app, I can’t believe there is a way I can get Instagram likes for free. The task to get coins is pretty simple, what you have to do is simply to follow and like. Now the number of my IG likes is way more than before. I would recommend you to use it, it truly works!

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Michael Strickland

Michael Strickland

As a middle-aged person, I wasn’t really interested in social media stuff. As I started to use this app, Instagram became a big part of my life. I have downloaded both the iOS version named Getinsup and the Android version named GetInssta on my two smartphones. The number of Instagram likes continuously and organically grows up.

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