Get Instagram Views Free 1000 for Reels and Stories [5 Ways]

Grow Instagram reels views free 1000 fast with 5 ways! This article is about 5 organic ways instead of using 1000 views Instagram app to get free Instagram views.

Albert | Updated 2022-12-01

Nowadays, almost every Instagram user is using Instagram videos or stories. They want to get more Instagram views, and this quickly becomes mainstream. 

1000 Free Instagram Views

Gain enough Instagram views takes time and effort. But, don't be depressed! If you want to get 1000 free Instagram views at the beginning but don't know how to do it, then this article will help you. Let's read this article to explore how to get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000.


  • Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 with 10K IG Followers
  • Get Instagram Story Views Free 1000 with Related Hashtags
  • Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 with Video Captions
  • Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 by Posting at the Peak Time
  • Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 with Better Description

Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 with 10K IG Followers

If you want to get 1000 free Instagram views, the first thing is to get 10k free Instagram followers. As we all know, getting Instagram followers first is better to have a strong basis compared with getting Instagram reels views free 1000.

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Having enough Instagram followers and likes can lay a good foundation for getting 1000 free Instagram views. If you just have several Instagram followers, your posts won't have a chance to reach more Instagram users according to the Instagram algorithm, attracting more views on Instagram will be impossible. 

So firstly, how to get 10k Instagram followers Instantly? You may notice that getting 1 or 2 followers is easy, but if you want to get 10k followers on Instagram, that would be tough. To solve this problem, there is a 1000 views Instagram app called GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker, which can help you get real and free Instagram followers and likes instantly, you just need to follow Instagram users and like posts to earn free coins, and then use coins to get active followers and order free IG likes quickly. Besides, all the Instagram followers and likes are from real and active Instagram users, you'll get Instagram story views free 1000 fast through these active Instagram followers. 

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Also, this free 1000 views Instagram app won't break Instagram rules, all the followers will be delivered to your account at a natural and organic speed. There is no malware and virus while downloading and installing, it is totally safe and private. Just try GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker to get free 10k Instagram followers first, and then you'll get over 1000 free IG views naturally.

You can see this video to know how to hack Instagram likes and followers with GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker step by step.

Get Instagram Story Views Free 1000 with Related Hashtags

Instagram, just like some social media, depends on the use of hashtags largely. The hashtags attached to Instagram videos have a great impact on getting 1000 free Instagram story views and Instagram reels views. A smart hashtag can not only encourage the Instagram audience to watch your videos but also help you grow free Instagram followers for business. Also, a great hashtag will cover more Instagram users and shorten the distance between you and your target audience.

If you need to promote your brands, you can choose trending hashtags that carry some hot topics and create some videos. If these hot topics are searched by many users, the Instagram algorithm can provide more visibility to you and push your videos to the top of Instagram. Once your videos are pushed to the top of Instagram, getting 1000 free Instagram auto views will be a simple thing.

Taking Dior's #DiorSavoirFaire video campaign as a typical example reflects choosing the right hashtag directly affects brands. It held a series of Dior knowledge about handmade lace skills. Dior's videos show us the real people who are making lace by hand. This attractive hashtag is authentic, it focuses on the person who has unique skills and immense patience to make lace, so they have a high engagement rate including Instagram reels views free and the increase of their followers.

Get Reels Views on Instagram

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Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 with Video Captions

Instagram is a highly visual platform. while scrolling Instagram feed, the pictures and videos can be seen everywhere. Many Instagram users want to get Instagram story views free 1000 at the beginning, but they don't add captions in their videos to attract the audience. Adding captions in your video is so important, in fact, this can give more deep explanations of your video to your audience and attract Instagram auto story views order instead of scrolling past.

How to create attractive captions in your video?

  • Your captions should be descriptive enough to attract people, but not so long that users can't finish it before the screen transition. The length of your captions should be decided by the audience watching speed and the screen stay time. 

  • Every piece of captions should appear at the right time. That means, when you add captions in your videos, you should consider the relations between captions and the scenes. The captions and scenes should be a one-to-one correspondence.

Chanel's video is a great example of creating attractive captions, and it tells you adding captions in your video is a way to help the audience to understand your video content much deeper. From the video, we see the history of Chanel costumes, and Chanel put suitable and attractive captions into scenes of its video to give the audience a great explanation. This is one of the reasons why it can make Instagram Story views free 1000 and more.

Instagram Story Views

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Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 by Posting at the Peak Time

Posting your videos during peak time will contribute a lot to your Instagram Story views free 1000. Most interactions and engagements with the audience often take place in a short period after posting. So, knowing the best time of posting on Instagram can still increase your chance of gaining Instagram story views free 1000. After gaining an amount number of free Instagram story views, Instagram will cover more, and you will get 1000 free Instagram views in a short time. 

In fact, different brands and products have different peak times. Instagram insight is one tool that provides locations, age, gender, and the time Instagram users are most active. This information can help you analyze the peak time of your products and brands. It works the same way if you want Instagram Live views free.

Insight - Instagram

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Get Instagram Reels Views Free 1000 with Better Description

Although Instagram is a high-visual platform, descriptions also play an important role in getting 1000 free Instagram views. When we scroll the feeds, all is about videos and images, and many Instagram users always ignore descriptions to attract users. In fact, descriptions can persuade users to keep watching your video, rather than scrolling past. Great descriptions will give you more opportunities to hack Instagram views free 1000.

There are some helpful tricks for optimizing descriptions to get 1000 free Instagram story views and Instagram reels views free 1000. 

  • To get 1000 Instagram views, your description should sum up the content of your video, but not be too specific. Giving some highlights to the audience to attract them to watch your video. However, there is not a specific description length. So, test what is the best length for your audience.  

  • If it needs a specific description for your video indeed, you should put the most attractive and crucial part in the front to make users catch the points quickly.

  • Mention and tag the related influencers, which will increase much more visibility to your videos. And bring you more than 1000 Instagram views fast.

Good Instagram Caption

The Bottom Line

Getting Instagram reels views free 1000 seems like a challenge for an Instagram beginner. But if you take all these practical tricks, you will make great progress in getting Instagram views. Remembering getting Instagram views is as important as getting fans on Instagram daily, these will make your posts be watched by more people on Instagram. If you want to run your Instagram with more views like Instagram 5000 reels views free and become an influencer fast, you can choose to download GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker and combine this tool with these tricks, and see how many free Instagram views and followers you will get. Better yet, try it as an Instagram auto liker without login to boost your views!

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