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Dale | Updated 2022-10-21

The number of Instagram likes not only represents the recognition people have for this single post, but also says a lot about the social impact of this Instagram account. And the social impact, to a great extent, directly determines how much money you can earn with Instagram. However, Instagram likes are not that easy to acquire. Tips to hack like Instagram you’ve seen are mostly either impractical or unhelpful. But this article provides all practical Instagram like hacker apps and tricks for your reference. Just take a few minutes to learn about them and make your choice.

Hack Like Instagram

Both Instagram like hack APK and app hack like Instagram iOS are listed here, some of them even support Windows devices. To save your time, just have a quick look at the overview table and skip to the Instagram likes hack app that is compatible with your devices.


  • Overview of Hack Like Instagram Apps
  • Guide on the 3 Instagram Like Hacker Apps
  • Practical Strategies to Hack Likes on Instagram

Overview of Hack Like Instagram Apps

According to an Instagram report collecting more than 115 million Instagram posts carried out in 2018, the average Instagram likes per post is 1261, which would be much larger now after 3 years passed. How much are you behind? Luckily, the following 3 hack likes Instagram apps can help you out of this predicament.



Price/100 likes

Rate stars


Android, Windows, Mac, Google Chrome

Free (25/day)


GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker

Android, iOS, Windows
Likes & followers

Free or paid ($1.5)



Android & iOS 
Likes & followers

Free or paid ($4)


To sum up, GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker wins the highest score for the lowest price and the high compatibility. Besides, both free Instagram followers and likes are supported here. 

Like4Like stands out for its high compatibility, you can easily hack Instagram likes with it on any of your devices. But only likes are provided here, and you can hack only 25 likes per day with like-for-like mode only.

Likulator has relatively low compatibility but it supports both likes and followers with either cash or exchange mode. While the price of it is relatively high.

Those likes and followers from real people can contribute to your future business campaigns including Reels views, Stories, Lives, etc. So, before making your decision, you’d better read the in-depth introduction below carefully. 

Guide on the 3 Instagram Like Hacker Apps


As you can tell from its name, Like4Like helps you hack Instagram likes in a like-for-like mode. In this way, people can gain Instagram likes through this community without a penny. However, one user can only get 25 likes a day unless you choose to watch an ad for 2 more likes. While, if you want an app to increase Instagram likes as well as IG tools followers, Like4Like would not be your best choice since only likes can be hacked here.

Instagram Like Hacker App

Step 1. Log in with your IG username and password.

Step 2. Tap “Earn likes” and choose posts to like.

Step 3. Switch to “Withdraw likes” and choose the post you need likes.

Step 4. Enter a number below 25 a day.

Pros: √ Totally free.

          √ Support Mac, Windows, Android, and Google Chrome.

Cons: × Ask for IG password.

           × No followers can be hacked here.

           × There’s no way to buy likes with money directly.

           × It takes a while for the system to find a post for users to like. 

           × No more than 25 likes can be hacked a day unless you choose to watch an ad for 2 more.

GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker

GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker is a reliable Instagram like hacker app. Unlike Like4Like mentioned above, it can help people hack unlimited free Instagram likes and followers as well. It is equipped with high compatibility that allows people to use it on their Android, iOS, and web online.

Best Free IG Liker
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  2. Get real Instagram likes and followers without following
  3. Get Instagram likes and followers no password, no verificaiton

The biggest advantage of this Instagram likes booster is the multiple sources of free coins, and the intermedium to exchange your free Instagram likes. Except for liking others’ posts, and following other accounts, coins here can be earned through multiple easy tasks like the daily bonus, lucky box, lucky draw, etc. You can easily hack unlimited free Instagram likes here.

Step 1. Download it to your phone and register with your email.

Step 2. Log in and add 1 to 5 IG usernames to receive unlimited coins.

Instagram Like Hacker App: Step 2

Step 3. Hack free Instagram likes or followers with coins fast!

Instagram Like Hacker App: Step 3

You can add up to 5 Instagram usernames here, which means you can earn coins with the accounts not much used, and buy likes for your main account with the coins you earn.

Pros: √ Free & unlimited.

         √ All from real people.

         √ Support iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

         √ Reasonable speed of delivery to avoid being punished by Instagram

         √ Ask no IG password, unless you choose to earn coins through follow or like with this account.

Cons: × No Mac version.

          × Buy followers and get likes for free, but there are no free giveaways when you buy likes.


Likulator is a free IG likes tool to help hack Instagram likes and followers. You can buy coins here with following or liking tasks and cashes both. It is helpful, especially in hacking IG likes but a little bit troublesome when adding followers since it requires a link instead of just clicking “ My Profile”. The price of it is relatively high with $4 for 100 likes, and if people want to hack coins for free, things turned time-consuming to like 300 posts for exchange 100 likes and there’s no other way to do so.

App Hack Like Instagram iOS

Step 1. Log in with your IG username and password as well.

Step 2. Like others to earn coins or buy coins with cash directly.

Step 3. Buy likes you need for your chosen feed.

Pros: √ Likes are all from real people.

          √ Users are allowed to choose the speed of delivery.

Cons: × Ask for IG password.

           × No Windows and Mac version.

           × Only one way to get free coins.

           × Hacking free Instagram likes is time-consuming here.

That’s all the information about the 3 Instagram like hacker apps. In brief, if you want to hack unlimited Instagram likes for free, GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker is your best option. You can even try this Instagram auto liker without login. Just have a try!

Practical Strategies to Hack Likes on Instagram

Except for using the Instagram auto liker free app, are there any other helpful ways to keep a high likes rate of your Instagram posts? Of course, the following are 3 practical tips for you.

Call to action

Sometimes, people didn’t interact with your posts after they viewed them because they forgot to do so! Add a call to action to every post like, don’t forget to give me a like if you like this picture, will help you a lot.

Discuss hot topics with hashtags

New things are happening every day, some went hot, and some die quietly. Discussing the hot topic with people, the Olympic Games, for example, can help you gain popularity and recognition fast. You can check the best Instagram hashtags for likes, followers, and Reels now.

Hold Instagram giveaways regularly

Instagram giveaways are the fastest way to gain followers and likes without a third-party booster. Just choose some gifts for your numerous followers and set the participation criteria like, like the post and tag 3 of your friends, the large number of followers would help your giveaways go far. It's also a great way to increase Instagram Reels views free.

What if you don’t have many followers? Don’t forget that some Instagram likes hacker apps mentioned above can help you hack Instagram followers as well. 

Final Words:

That’s all the shortcuts to hack like Instagram. In short, Instagram like hacker app can help you gain likes for Instagram posts quickly. Among the three apps mentioned above, GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker is the best Instagram auto liker app that has high compatibility with the lowest price and unlimited free solutions. Except for using tools for fast growth, hack Instagram likes tricks for daily maintenance are also important. But for the normal strategies, a better effect will be reached if you have more followers, so please attach importance to both Instagram likes and your followers.

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