Best Tool to Get Social Proof Free Likes and Follower on Instagram

This article tells you why social proof free likes matter and how to get social proof free likes on Instagram and increase free followers as well with an Instagram liking app.

Tom | Updated 2022-01-20

People intent to follow the crowd in reality, and the same is true on the Internet. When people see a post liked by many people or an account followed by many people, they will become interested, and then like this post or follow this account. And this initial number of likes and followers is a kind of social proof.

Social Proof Free Likes

However, for new Instagram users, especially business accounts owners, obtaining social proof is relatively slow and consumes a lot of manpower and financial resources. Are there any ways that you can quickly obtain social proof free likes and followers on Instagram?

This article will tell you why social proof free IG likes are so important for your Instagram account and how to grow social proof free likes for Instagram quickly and organically.


  • Why Instagram Likes Matters?
  • What Are Social Proof Free Likes?
  • How to Get Social Proof Free Likes on Instagram?
  • Bonus Tips: How to Grow Social Proof Free IG Likes Organically and Quickly
  • Conclusion

Why Instagram Likes Matters?

If you are an individual who just wants to share your personal life with your friends and families, Instagram likes probably are not what you are after. But if you want to be popular on Instagram or you want to promote your brand through this platform, Instagram likes are essential.

1. Increase Post Visibility.

According to the Instagram algorithm, interactions including likes, reposts, and comments are core criteria to evaluate the popularity of an Instagram post. The more engaged a post is, the higher it will rank when people are browsing randomly or searching for a specific hashtag the post has.

2. Explicit Social Proof.

There are different types of social proof, and "Wisdom of the crowd" is one of them. When people see the number of likes on an Instagram post and followers on an Instagram profile, it instantly gives them strong social proof that this post or this account has a very reputable and high-quality social status.

3. Gain Targeted Followers.

The high number of Instagram likes brings you strong social proof and consistent exposure to more users, so there is a good chance that your account will attract more new Instagram fans.

In a nutshell, having more Instagram likes from authentic IG users can expose your content to more potential followers, give you strong social proof, and finally gain more Instagram followers.

What Are Social Proof Free Likes?

Social proof is a close concept of social influence. On social media, it states a situation where people intent to refer to influencers or popular posts for advice and assurance.

Social proof free likes are likes given by real IG users to show their trust and interest in a post. A large number of social proof free likes on an Instagram post implies that this account is appealing or this product is trustworthy.

How to Get Social Proof Free Likes on Instagram?

To get social proof free Instagram likes in a short period of time, you need the help of Instagram liking apps.

InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker is one of the best free Instagram auto likers that help increase social proof free likes for Instagram. It guarantees that you can get 100% free and unlimited auto likes on Instagram from authentic IG users.

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The whole process is very straightforward and has no cost:

Step 1: Download the dedicated app on your Android phone or iPhone.

Step 2: Launch the app and sign up with a username, email, and password. This account is created for InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker, not for Instagram.

Get Social Proof Free Likes on Instagram

Step 3: Add your Instagram username and click on the "Add" button. It doesn't ask for your Instagram password or any other credentials for your Instagram account.

Step 4: Complete coin collecting tasks and exchange coins with free social proof free Instagram likes under the "Get Likes" tab.

How to Get Social Proof Free Likes

Bonus Tips: How to Grow Social Proof Free IG Likes Organically and Quickly

In addition to using an Instagram liking app, there are 5 quick tricks you can apply to grow your Instagram account fast.

1. Build a consistent theme of your posts

A common trap many people have fallen into is that they always hope people happen to like the pictures or videos they randomly post and then follow their pages. The very first step of building out your Instagram page is to come up with a theme of your account and create a consistent feed on that theme or posts centered around your product if you have a business account.

2. Post frequently

If you want to get your first 1,000 social proof free followers on Instagram, take it seriously as a job. You can't just post whenever you want, but need to have at least one post every day. Having a consistent and frequent posting increase the visibility and the chance that one of your posts might go viral.

3. Post videos

Compared with still pictures, Instagram Stories, Reels, and IG videos are getting more popular. You can showcase your personality or your product in a much more vivid and compelling manner than words and photos. Videos catch people's eyes, get more engagement, and eventually bring you more free Instagram followers.

4. Use the right hashtags

If you want to attract a massive following on Instagram, you can't ignore hashtags. It is recommended to use at least 3-5 hashtags in each of your posts. You can find the right hashtags by looking at what hashtags these popular accounts in your niche use. Do not use irrelevant hashtags.

5. Use follow for follow strategy

The follow-for-follow strategy is often misused. The key of this strategy is to follow the people who have engaged with posts similar to yours and who have the same size followers as yours. You are not expecting IG users who have over 1 million fans will follow you back after you have followed them, right? If they haven't interacted with similar content before, why will they be interested in your profile?

Those mentioned tricks can help you have a better start and take fewer detours.


Social media marketing or building social proof free likes is not that easy to succeed. A good start is very important. There are many ways to help users grow likes and followers, but they are all too slow and cost too much effort for beginners. If you use InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker, you can get safe and free likes within a short period of time. With social proof, alongside other growth methods, you will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

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