25 Top Instagram Follow Apps 2023 [iPhone & Android & PC]

25 top Instagram follow apps download to get free Instagram followers and likes in 2023. Unlimited coins for top follow app to hack free Insta followers.

Thea | Updated 2023-03-14

Various tools and services are available to assist you in making your Instagram account more effective. While Instagram administration tools, scheduling tools, and content viewers are among the widely touted, the Instagram follow app is most well known. Instagram followers apps are the true hot trends of Instagram follower growth, despite the fact that there contain lots of bots follow apps. There are obvious advantages to using an Instagram follow app, and believe it is past time for people to be aware of them.

Follow App on Instagram - 25 Top Follow App

Then, what is the best follow app on Instagram; how to find the best Instagram follow app from the many options; what are the top follow apps for iPhone, Android, and PC; these concerns will be discussed next.


  • What Is the Follower App for Instagram?
  • 10 Insta Followers App for iPhone
  • 10 Top Instagram Follow App Android
  • 5 Top Follow App for PC

What Is the Follower App for Instagram?

What is Instagram Followers App? Simply say, the Instagram followers app is an application or software developed to organically make one Instagram account gain spike followers or likes in an easy way. With the followers for Instagram app, account owners can make use of them on their accounts or posts to attract more followers.

What is Instagram Followers App? Simply put, an Instagram followers app is a program or application designed to help one's Instagram account get a large number of followers or likes on Instagram easily and quickly. With the best Instagram follow app, users can get more followers on Instagram, do more with less and see results quickly. Then, which follow app is the best followers app for Instagram? How to download top follow app for iPhone, Android phone, or PC?

10 Insta Followers App for iPhone

1. GetInself - Top Follow App for iPhone 

GetInself is a community-driven Instagram promotion app that helps you gain 100% real likes and followers from active Instagram users for FREE. Unlike the app to buy Instagram followers, this is an Instagram follower with coins app that enables users to acquire 1000, 10,000 followers, 50k followers, and more for FREE. Importantly, real Instagram followers and no-drop service are promised.

GetInself - Top Follow App for iPhone

Why like it:

Both Instagram followers and likes services are free

It offers both instant and auto Instagram followers & likes

Multiple ways to easily get coins daily

If needed, you can buy Instagram followers & likes with money directly

2. GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker - Unlimited Coins for Top Follow App

GetinselfGetInsstaIG Liker offers unlimited coins for top follow app, which points out a pretty convenient and effortless way to increase followers for Instagram, namely using coins. You can enjoy hundreds of or even thousands of target Instagram followers growth in minutes with your coins. The methods of obtaining gold coins are also very simple and fast, and various.

Mr Follower - Unlimited Coins for Top Follow App

Why like it:

Unlimited coins for top follow app to get follows on Instagram

Real and active Instagram followers

Get followers by country

Not only a top Instagram follow app, but also a top Insta Liker

3. InstaBox - Top Follow App iOS

Another popular auto-follow app for free Instagram followers is InstaBox, which provides active Instagram followers. You can monitor your followers, post likes, and account trending performance with this iOS followers for Instagram app. It’s quick and simple to obtain more Instagram followers for free with the software. It also has more practical functions, such as a sticker creator, to make your message more appealing.

InstaBox - Top Follow App iOS

Why like it:

Gives a report in the form of graphs about the changes in your followers and posts’ likes

Offers a one-stop solution to manage multiple Instagram accounts on this app

Works well as an Instagram auto liker without login to gain free IG likes

Builds a thorough security system

4. InsReports+ Best App for Instagram Followers Analytics and Follow Increase

InsReports+ is a professional Instagram analytic app created by a specialized team. It is first and foremost an analysis app, but also a follow app for Instagram. It keeps track of your Instagram followers and offers Instagram promotion suggestions to help you enhance your account's overall performance. It enables to generate the followers reports weekly or monthly, and also provides an easy & safe way to get a number of real and engaged Instagram followers.

InsReports+ Best App for Instagram Followers Analytics

Why like it:

Multiple tracking features, including track followed and unfollowed followers, track engagement, track post likes & comments, etc.

Powerful and stable Insta followers likes increase feature.

Easy to use.

5. GETINSELF – Top Follow App Coins Hack for IG followers

GETINSELF is another Instagram followers coin app that may help you automatically obtain free and active Instagram followers. Since its inception, it has amassed millions of genuine active users and received positive user reviews. It also uses virtual currencies to purchase followers and likes.

GETINSELF – Top Follow App Coins Hack for IG followers

Why like it:

100% free to get Instagram followers and likes

Real active Instagram followers and antithetic Instagram likes

Easy to use

6. Turbo Followers for Instagram App

Turbo Followers for Instagram is one of the best free Instagram followers app for iOS app. With it, you can get thousands of free followers very quickly. It guarantees to deliver 1000 free Instagram followers instantly to make you popular on Instagram in minutes.

Turbo Followers for Instagram App

Why like it:

Free and easy to use

Get real and active Instagram follows

7. FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram promises to be the easiest method to keep track of your Instagram followers. Their advanced analytics provide you valuable insights into your Instagram account, enabling you to track your follower development, and successfully manage your account, but they have your password!

FollowMeter for Instagram

Why like it:

High user ratings

See who viewed your account stories but is not following you

8. Get Followers UP - Free Insta Followers App Provider

Get Followers UP is another Instagram follower tool that allows users to obtain free Instagram followers. It assists users in creating interesting posts and photographs. It's more of a tool to assist you in creating appealing material in order to obtain followers on Instagram for free.

Why like it:

Free to use

Free image editing tools and filters

9. AiGrow - Increase Follow App

AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram marketing app that allows you to schedule posts and stories as well as increase your Instagram followers. It provides the service that combines an Ai platform with the expertise of its Instagram managers team to help you gain real and engaged followers. They guarantee the growth of 500 new followers per month and offer scheduler, DM, and POD tools for free.

Why like it:

Real and engaged Instagram followers

Guaranteed growth

No need to download anything

10. Follower Pro

Follower Pro + is another powerful Instagram followers app real based on iOS with multiple features. It provides statistics for your Instagram profiles, showing how many followers you got, which users blocked you, who didn’t follow you back, who likes and comments on your posts, etc. Coin rewards are unstable; the longer you use the app, the harder it is to get coins. If you want to get more Instagram followers with this app quickly, you need to pay.

Why like it:

Gain Instagram likes and followers

Nice UI design

Supports multiple accounts

10 Top Instagram Follow App Android

11. AutoHash

Instagram is ruled by hashtags. To reach your target audience, you'll need to include the proper hashtag in your postings since the best Instagram hashtags for likes can bring you 10 times more likes than an inappropriate one. Consider using AutoHash to automate your entire Instagram posting process. Using advanced algorithms, the software adds the most relevant hashtags to your message automatically to help grow more followers on Instagram.

Why like it:

AutoHash takes off the uncertainty and time-consuming research that goes into finding the best hashtags for your article. You don't have to trawl Instagram to figure out which hashtags to use. Instead, the app's technology has classified hashtags into the most popular categories and will add them to your post automatically.

12. Fame Boom

Fame Boom is a free Instagram followers app for Android that teaches you how to trend on the platform and helps you earn followers. Fame Boom selects the most popular hashtags over a specific time period and invites its users to create content around them. As a result, the post text may be tailored to the specified keywords, making your material more interesting for the audience. As a result, the number of followers and likes increases.

Fame Boom - Follow App for Android

Why like it:

This follow app for Android recognizes and emphasizes the significance of hashtags and posting time for organic Instagram follower development, and it provides you with some practical advice on both. This app is worth a go as a long-term free follower growth approach.

13. Followers+: Best Instagram Followers App for Android

For good reason, Followers+ is one of the most popular free Instagram follow apps for Android. This top follow app allows you to manage your followers by displaying who has visited your profile, who has unfollowed you, who has banned you, and other vital indicators linked to your postings.

Why like it:

The program gives you up-to-date information about your followers and goes a step further by showcasing your most popular, liked, and commented-on posts. There are also metrics for Instagram Stories.

14. GetinsFollow: Best Instagram Followers App for Android

GetinsFollow is an Instagram followers and likes exchange app that works on the follow for follow and like for like concept. It enables you to exchange followers and likes in a community of active Instagram users rather than looking for them on the Instagram platform or in kinds of Instagram groups. The users here are focused and genuine.

Instagram Follow App Android - GetinsFollow

Why like it:

GetinsFollow employs a straightforward coin-based system in which you earn coins by liking other users' posts, following others’ profiles, taking part in the lucky draw, or just daily login, and then use these coins to increase the number of likes and followers for your own Instagram account.

15. GetInsta: Best Followers APK for Android

While promotional tools and social media tools can help your company expand naturally, there is another way to earn likes and followers. One of these Android tools is GetInsta. The network has millions of users who through earn coins by doing easy tasks and then using the coins they acquire to buy Instagram followers and likes.

Unlike other programs that require you to buy likes or utilize bots, you can achieve organic and stable growth on Instagram. You can download it to your Android device directly. It’s safe and clean.

Why like it:

100 % free Instagram followers and likes

Real and active Instagram followers

Authentic Instagram likes

Safe and clean

Easy to use

16. Turbo Like Best Free Instagram Likes App For Android

Turbo Like guarantees that you will receive thousands of genuine likes from other users on their network. It's one of the best Instagram likes tools to get your material recognized on Instagram, where you're fighting for client attention with millions of active daily users. The more likes you get, the more users will follow you on Instagram.

Why like it:

Turbo Like also offers a coin-based system in which you earn coins by liking other users' posts and then use these coins to increase the number of likes for your own material.

17. FollowMeter for Instagram

Yes, FollowMeter also has an Android edition. FollowMeter is the most user-friendly method to manage your Instagram account. Its robust statistics provide you deep insights into your Instagram account, allowing you to track unfollowers, follower growth, story views, and posts performance.

Instagram Follow App Android - FollowMeter

Why like it:

This Android top follow app is simple to use, has a huge number of downloads, and offers a variety of helpful functions.

18. Get Followers for insTagram+

This top follow app can assist you in gaining massive IG likes and genuine Instagram followers! To gain as many Instagram followers as possible, there's no need to go any farther. It is the app you've been waiting for. It has great photo editors and subtitles to help you improve your posts, images, videos, reels, and stories.

Insta Follow App Android - Get Followers for insTagram

Why like it:

It is very easy to use and there are no ads but you can watch ads to gain coins. You can use coins or money, based on your case, to get more spectacular IG likes and followers than you can think with this great follow app.

19. Followers Chief

Followers Chief is an Instagram followers app for Android that is completely free. It assists you in gaining followers by providing a collection of suggestions aimed to make your content more appealing to the audience. The program also maintains track of your account's metrics, so you can see how many likes and comments you're getting for each photo you post.

Insta Follow App Android - Followers Chief

Why like it:

A simple UI design app that is easy to use, and capable with powerful features to track Instagram followers & unfollowers.

20. Followers Pumper

Followers Pumper is the ranked #10 Instagram follow app for Android that uses daily trending hashtags to boost your current content. The more effective your hashtags, the more visible your material will be on the platform. As a result, it is simple to earn likes and followers for every post you make. This Instagram followers increaser also teaches you how to use trending hashtags in the most effective way possible so that your material is not only visible but also relevant to your audience.

Why like it:

This app helps you grow your followers naturally by analyzing hashtag popularity and trends. Algorithm-friendly free IG followers growth app.

5 Top Follow App for PC

21. GetInsta - Top Follow App for PC

GetInsta is an Instagram likes and followers service that claims to assist its customers to gain free likes and followers. They claim that you may obtain 100% free high-quality Instagram followers and likes without having to give your password. Some competing sites maliciously say it is spam and then recommend their own follow app to users.

After testing, we found that this follow app for PC does have its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that if you want to get followers on Instagram for free, you need to do coin tasks: for example liking others' posts, following others' profiles, sharing the app, etc. And to do the coin task, you need to log in to your Instagram account. The good thing is that the app does help users get Instagram followers and likes for free, and it can be unlimited.

22. Stormlikes

Stormlikes offers custom-sized Instagram bundles of followers, likes, views, comments, and automatic Instagram likes that are all gained organically from real people. Its customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week since the best marketing agent you can have is a pleased client. Stormlikes only provides paid Instagram followers and likes, nothing access to free Instagram followers.

Top Follow App for PC - Stormlikes

23. Mr. Insta

Strictly speaking, Mr. Insta is not an Instagram follow app for PC. It is an online Instagram service provider that understands reality, therefore they aren't going to promise you anything they can't deliver. They will only assist you in believable methods, and they even have a few complimentary engagement features on offer, which is always good.

24. Upleap

Upleap is a wonderful choice if you're looking for an Instagram followers app for PC that understands your needs and is willing to listen to you for optimization. It is one of those applications that can assist you more quickly than other apps - they claim to be able to assist you 300 percent faster than other apps.

25. Everliker

In fact, Everliker is not a standalone app but a Chrome extension that draws attention to your Instagram account by liking posts and watching stories for you without requiring any login information. You have complete control over which and how many posts Everliker likes on your behalf. More likes imply a wider audience and possible following. Users will notice your likes and, perhaps, reciprocate by promoting your material.

Everliker - Chrome Extension Follow for Instagram

The Bottom Line

After examining the above-listed top Instagram follow apps, you realize that there are so many applications on the market that aims to assist an Instagram user fast getting followers and likes on Instagram. If you haven't tried any apps yet, download the top follow app and start using it right now. With any of these best Instagram follow apps, you can easily grow thousands of real and active Instagram followers, likes, and story views.

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