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The article introduces Igtools.net for story views, Reels views, IGTV views free. Besides, you can get a fast way for free IG followers and likes.

Colin | Updated 2022-05-09

Attracting audience and gaining large views for your videos on Instagram are generally regarded as an achievement for it shows you have made amazing videos and are popular among your followers. More than that, you may gain more money for the business. In the beginning, you may encounter one dilemma: you have no idea about how to get Instagram views and your video view is zero. But look at other users, they have 1000 and even 10k Instagram videos views. So why not try the site Igtools.net for free views at first which enables you to get Instagram views 1000 fast. The article will focus on how to get IGtools (story) views fast free. And free Instagram followers and likes are available in an easy way.

IG Tools Views


  • Get IGtools Story/Reels Views Free from Igtools.net
  • Best Alternative App to Igtools.net for Story Views
  • Recommended Apps to Igtools.net for More Instagram Views
  • What Can You Get With the IGTools Net?

Get IGtools Story/Reels Views Free from Igtools.net

Igtools Net has been a popular website that allows you to get free Instagram video views, Instagram auto story views, and live views. While searching Igtools free view on Google Chrome, you’ll find the official site of the Igtools. It’s title and description are written in the Turkish language, but it also supports the English language. Limited free Instagram views daily by pasting your video links or entering your username are available: 

- 90 Instagram videos views

- 150 Instagram story views

- 60 Instagram views

How to get IG Tools views? The steps are easy. Visit the site igtools.net and click the service of the view. Here we take Instagram video views as an example. Before entering the link of your video, you’re required to perform human verification. Keep in mind that igtools allows you to get free Instagram views for a public account. If your account is set as private, you cannot gain any service from the site. Then you can choose the number of free Instagram views you want to get. You’ll see the video view number changes in 1-3 minutes or so.

Follow 2 steps to get Igtools views

Step 1. Igtool.net login and find "Views" to click.

Follow 2 Steps to Get Igtools Views

Step 2. Enter how many views you want and click "Submit".

Get IG Tools Views

In addition to free Instagram views, other Instagram services are listed on the site: IGtools followers, Instagram likes, poll votes, comment likes, emoji comments as long as you log in to your account.  It’s a pity that you’ll fail to log into the account in most cases. Therefore, you cannot get these services.

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Best Alternative App to Igtools.net for Story Views

Igtools Net does give you several free IG views daily. But its speed is a little slow and every click of any service requires verification to make sure you’re not a robot. Accordingly, we recommend another product for organic growth of Instagram videos/Story/IGTV/Reels views by getting unlimited free Instagram followers and Instagram likes, which are the main sources of views.  

What’s the product? 

It is the InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker app available on iOS, Android, and PC. It could help you get free Instagram followers, likes and video views. Compared with Igtools net, InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker is simpler as no verification is needed and safer as you are not required to input your Instagram password. What you need to log into your Instagram account is the Instagram username. How to get free Instagram followers and likes? You’re given many choices to get unlimited coins such as following profiles, liking posts, opening the lucky box... These coins are used to get free Instagram followers and likes. Fast delivery is guaranteed within the app and you can see the changes within 24 hours. Organic Instagram growth is easy with the Instagram followers app InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker.

Best Free IG Liker
Best Instagram Followers & Likes Gainer
  1. 100% free Instagram likes and followers without one penny
  2. Get real Instagram likes and followers without following
  3. Get Instagram likes and followers no password, no verificaiton

How it works?

1. Download the app on your device and launch it.

2. Sign up and log in. Then add your Instagram username.

3. Earn coins with simple tasks and use them to get what you want.

Recommended Apps to Igtools.net for More Instagram Views


InstaBox is an app that you can get Instagram views including Instagram story views, video views, and reels views. The working mechanism of this app is to increase your Instagram views by increasing followers and likes. The followers it generates will actively interact with you and increase your account engagement. Then it will be officially recommended to hot pages, and your post will get numerous free IG tools views.


  • Users can get free IG tools views from InstaBox as well as free IG followers and likes.

  • Easy to use: easily get into this magic app with 3 steps and boost your story views.

Followers Gallery

If you want to increase your free Instagram views, Followers Gallery is an app that feeds your needs. Designed by an experienced team, it delivers all the Instagram services with super quality including followers, as well as likes. Followers Gallery processes users’ subscription automatically. If you subscribe to any of the services in this APP, your Instagram video views will increase instantly free to a large extent.


  • There is no need to enter your Instagram password to get these Instagram services. Just enter username to make IG views increase free.

  • Followers Gallery provides free and paid subscriptions for users to order. You can get Instagram views free with ease, and also buy Instagram views at a cheap price.


In order to help you get one step closer to becoming a celebrity, Getinsta is a software designed specifically for you to get more Instagram views. Instagram video views are also an important element that digital marketers value. If your videos have a great number of IG views, in their opinion, your account has potential commercial value. Getinsta can really help you increase the number of Instagram story, video views that market hunters care about. In this way, you will quickly become an Instagram celebrity, endorsing products to earn money.


  • 100% Safe: your personal info and privacy are highly valued and protected by InstaBox. No leaking.

  • Swift delivery guaranteed. Followers Gallery sends followers fast to your account at a reasonable time.

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What Can You Get With the IGTools Net?

InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker is not an IGmod Instagram app but a useful Instagram tool to get real free Instagram followers and likes, and hack Instagram story viewers with ease. Read this part to know what it can do to help you get large Instagram video views.

1. Increasing Free Instagram Followers View Your Videos

Instagram does have created more opportunities for everyone to reach visibility under the condition that users are willing to find new content from non-followings or non-followers. But most people are time-limited and they spent one or two hours on Instagram daily who are likely to view posts from the followings. InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker helps you to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. Think about that, even if you increase 5k Instagram followers monthly and only 20 percent of them choose to view your videos, you can increase 1000 views from IG tools. Two months and five months later, it will be a huge number of Instagram video views. 

2. Targeted and Loyal Audience to Focus on Your Videos

When you get thousands of free Instagram followers, it means that more people have quick access to your recent posts and videos. It’s hard to get one targeted and loyal audience when you have 100 followers only. But things will be different if you have 50k followers. That’s why InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker is recommended. You can get loyal Instagram followers from worldwide who may choose to get notifications and view your videos when you post.  

3. Get Video Likes & Views on IG Instantly

InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker allows you to share videos on the platform to get free Instagram likes and views directly. It’s daily active users are about dozens of thousand. So if your video is attractive and high-quality enough, it will get 1000 video views organically. In turn, a large amount of Instagram video likes and views will reach visibility by being recommended to other users. It’s in a virtuous circle.

End Up

Up to now, many services on Igtools.net are unable to use normally. If you are going to get free Igtools story/reels views from the site, you should be careful with your personal info. InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker is another great IG tool to grow the Instagram account and get large Instagram story/reels views unlimitedly.

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