Instagram Likes Update: How to See Instagram Likes in 2022

How to get your Instagram likes up after Instagram likes up in 2022? Read this article to know what is changing in Instagram likes and how to boost Instagram likes up.

Tom | Updated 2022-01-20

Instagram officially issued an announcement in May 2021, stating that they have upgraded Instagram likes options to allow users to have more control over their accounts and the content in their feeds. They allow users to hide the like counts in their posts, and they can also hide the number of likes in all posts in their feed.

This article will analyze why Instagram has such an Instagram Likes Update, and the potential impact of the change. 

Instagram Likes Update

This Instagram likes update does not mean that likes are no longer important, but the count is not publicly displayed. It is still a very essential indicator of post-management. The article will also give some suggestions about how to get your Instagram likes up.


  • How to Get Instagram Likes Up?
  • What's Happening to Instagram Likes?
  • The Reason Behind the Instagram Likes Update
  • How Instagram Likes Update Affects You?
  • Final Words

How to Get Instagram Likes Up?

Instagram likes update just allows users to hide the number of likes from the public but does not make it go away. It is still one of the most essential metrics to assess the performance of a post in 2022.

How to get Instagram likes up? We list the 5 most effective and efficient ways below you can implement on your account.

1. Create like-oriented content

People usually like the content that benefits them such as sales, giveaways, or contests. So, if you want to get your Instagram likes up, create content centered around easy-to-enter giveaways or contests. Liking the post is the primary and lowest entry, and you will get a lot of likes even without giving away a big prize.

2. Use likes up Instagram app

Another solution is to use a reliable Instagram liking app to boost your Instagram likes up. InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker is an Instagram auto liker that can help you get free and unlimited Instagram likes from authentic users. It works in a way that you collect coins by completing some simple liking asks and then exchanging the coins with likes from other users.

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How to get your Instagram likes up with InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker:

Step 1: Download and Install InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker on your Android phone or an iPhone.

Step 2: Launch it and provide information to sign up.

Step 3: Provide your IG username and start to do tasks. 

How to Get Your Instagram Likes Up

Step 4: Exchange the likes with your coins.

Instagram Likes Up

3. Do not ignore hashtags

One of the easiest ways to get more organic visibility is to add hashtags to your posts. Be aware of hashtags that are trending and add one or two relevant to your post every time. However, you have to be selective in your hashtags. Do not add those that are irrelevant to your content since it won't bring any engagement. Some hashtags have too many related posts and your post will probably be buried.

4. Tag your post's location

Most social media have a feature that allows people to share a post's location. If your post carries a location, it might get more exposure and organic likes when people search for your location, especially for a restaurant, retail store, or hotel, and your post pops up to them.

5. Follow the trend

This method to drive Instagram engagement is easy to say but hard to follow since so many trends going on every day. You need to frequently check the Instagram trends recommended by the platform, what hashtags your competitors are using, or what content they are posting. Then you decide if it is suitable to incorporate it into your own account. Following wrong trends, too many times might ruin the reputation you have built. On the other hand, if you catch the train, your post might go viral.

What's Happening to Instagram Likes?

The Instagram Likes Update is about giving people the choice if they want to turn off the public like counts generated by post since some IG users and experts find it beneficial but others find it annoying. The people who want to leave the like counts displayed would like to use it as a sense of what's trending and popular.

If you want to hide the number of public likes, you can follow the steps below:

How to hide like counts on your posts:

1. Stay in the feed window of your new post.

2. Click on the three dots and select "Hide Like Count". 

Instagram Likes Update Hide IG Like Counts

How to hide public like counts on others' posts in your feed:

1. Go to Settings and select the Posts section.

2. Slide the control button to the right beside "Hidel Likes and View Counts". 

Instagram Likes Update 2021

The Reason Behind the Instagram Likes Update

As one of the most popular social media, Instagram focuses on visual content like pictures, videos, and short video stories. It has an enormous influence on modern culture and lifestyle because it has a large number of pioneers in photography, beauty, fashion, food, travel, fitness, etc. to shape the trends.

These people, also called Instagram influencers, have set up a very high-quality and high standard of the pictures and videos people share on this online platform.

Eventually, Instagram is heavily criticized for creating a pressurized and toxic social media environment, because influencers collect most of the exposure, likes, and followers so that average users feel unconfident and insecure about what they are posting. Therefore, the initial drive of hiding Instagram's public likes is to mitigate the damages to people's mental health and body image.

As a result, people can hopefully focus on the photos and videos being shared, instead of how many likes posts get. Average users may post more without the concerns about the feedback and post what they truly want to share.

How Instagram Likes Update Affects You?

The total number of users on Instagram is projected to reach over 1.1 billion in 2022. That includes individuals who pursue fame and money online and brands that want to promote their products. Then, how does the decision of Instagram likes update affect you as an Instagram user or a business account owner?

Individuals may not see a major change. The new feature is fully controlled by Instagram users, so if you don't choose to turn it off the posts of likes are still visible.

In addition, this Instagram likes update doesn't change the underlying metrics that Instagram actually works on. Likes on Instagram are not removed but hidden, so data generated by likes is still playing an influential role alongside comment counts, follower counts, and Instagram story views in evaluating the popularity of a post and account.

Things might be sticky for businesses after this Instagram likes update. Aforementioned, every Instagram account can hide likes on their own posts, so can a business account. It might be harder to track your competitors since you can't see the number of likes on their content and assess the success of their campaigns.

It is painful as well when your company needs to reach out to Instagram influencers. Without the recent records of likes metric, you might have a hard time assessing their influence and negotiating rates.

Final Words

Whether Instagram likes update hides the number of likes completely depends on whether the user uses this new feature. And it does not mean that Instagram does not need likes anymore. If you want to get more organic likes on Instagram, the easiest and fastest way to use a likes up the Instagram app. InsBottleGetInsstaIG Liker is an ideal choice to get a considerable number of free Instagram likes and free Instagram followers for a post shortly.

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