Review & Guide: Is IG Safe and Real?

Is Ig safe to use in 2022? Check review inside and full guide of using it to get up to 10K free Instagram followers.

Kevin | Updated 2022-04-02

Ig 2022 is a newly established website that is said to offer users free Instagram followers. This website bears neat interfaces and simple operations, asking for no registration and login, no password. The only thing required is your Instagram ID and the increase of your followers – 500 at least will be sent to your account. 

This process is so simple that inevitably you may be wondering 'Is Ig safe?, ‘Can I get 500 free Instagram followers from it for real?’, or 'Is Ig 2022 still workable?'

This passage is going to tell you how to correctly earn Instagram followers with Ig 2022, along with everything you are curious about this Instagram followers generator. 

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  • How to Use IG to Get Free IG Followers
  • Is IG Safe to Use?
  • Best IG 2022 Alternative

How to Use IG to Get Free IG Followers

If you have tried this website, you may be resonating with me that some peculiar things are actually happening on Ig Firstly, this Instagram follower generator does not adopt ‘Ig’ as its domain name, making it a hesitant move to enter this website. 

Anyway, let’s cast this wired part aside and back to the point, visit the official website of IG and see how to get free Instagram followers 500, 1K, or 2.5K. 

How to Get Free Instagram Followers with IG

Follow steps below to get free Instagram followers with this site. Screenshots are available for better understanding.

Step 1. Google IG and click on the first website titled “3K Instagram followers Free Igfollowershack Pw.”

Step 2. Follow this site’s lead, insert your Instagram ID > choose how many followers you want to produce on your Instagram account > hit “Generate Followers.”

Choose How Many Followers You Want From IG

Step 3. After several seconds, this site will respond to your request. It will tell you that the followers are prepared and you only need one step to unlock your followers – pass the human verification.

Step 4. Then it comes to the most disappointing procedure of this tutorial – you are asked to finish two tasks distributed from this website, either one will lead you to a suspicious third-party website. 

Finish Two Tasks to Unlock IG Free Instagram Followers

Is IG Safe to Use?

The tutorial above may generate some tough feelings deep in your heart. So, is Ig really bringing you 2500 followers? Is it safe to follow the lead of this generator’s official site? Here are some facts you may find useful:

1. IG, IG, or IG

You may be familiar with the brand IG, but do you know that many very similar brands have adopted the same operative mode with IG Yes, that’s IG, Ig سایت, and IG These sites all leverage the same mechanism in providing users free followers for Instagram. But the relationship between these two sites is confusing - you just can't struggle to find the one and only, reliable, workable site.

2. Strange display of increasing followers

From the tutorial video, an abnormal display of followers' growth is observed. The picture below shows the specific segment in the original video, where a noticeable jumping figure is showcased to users, representing the final success of using IG to hack free followers. But actually, Instagram will not show the increase of your followers in this way. Anyway, it is high time to use a more reliable Instagram followers app.

IG Boosts Your Account

3. Untrustworthy social media account

The only social media profile of IG seems to haven’t been operated well – The followers and engagement rate appear to be comparatively low. Well, nothing to be blamed for this situation, but a bit strange for a social marketing tool given the magnitude of resources it possesses.

4. Bewildering verification steps

This wired part of the generator is found at the inevitable links in hacking free followers. You can see an obvious list of bewildering apps (gambling) if you follow IG's lead to hack its followers. And that's really a dangerous move to download either one app.

Download 3rd-Party Apps to Unlock Your Free Instagram Followers

Best IG 2022 Alternative

After checking the facts above, it’s time to say goodbye to IG for so many traps it has set up. Besides IG, there are also many other free Instagram followers apps available on the internet. 3 of the best are introduced below:

#1 Instagram Followers Up - InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android}

Free, real followers, safe, quick, InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} is today’s choice, which bears literally all the virtues of a premium Instagram follower generator. It has neat interfaces, easy operations, and quick delivery. But these merits are all minor minus points when compared to the efficiency to hack a large base of followers in several minutes.

• No human verification

• No troublesome tasks to accomplish

• No need to download any irrelevant Apps on your phones

InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} provides two Instagram hacking modes for its users.

For casual users, a free mod apk is provided to hack followers and likes with unlimited coins. With accumulative coins, anyone can hack 50K Instagram followers if they care to. iOS users are suggested to use one similar tool placed below.

For business accounts, InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} offers tailored packages for them, no password, login, or human verification, and cheap! Users can either choose the daily Instagram followers or auto Instagram followers, both packages grow followers in the most natural way. 

Best Free IG Liker
Best Instagram Followers & Likes Gainer
  1. 100% free Instagram likes and followers without one penny
  2. Get real Instagram likes and followers without following
  3. Get Instagram likes and followers no password, no verificaiton

How to hack 10K free Instagram followers in a minute?

Steps on using this app are also listed for you. You can follow the steps or download InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} now to start a followers hack.

Step 1. Download InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} from Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2. Insert your Instagram ID. 5 supported.

Step 3. Finish the daily tasks and earn coins – you can like others' posts, follow a random account to accumulate coins. Or can you join events like the lucky draw, daily reward, etc. to get coins without doing any tasks.

Like Other Users Posts to Gain Coins

Step 4. Go to the store to buy free Instagram followers or likes with your coins, you will receive them instantly.

Gain Followers - Before and After

#2 Instagram Followers App for iOS 15 - InstaBox 

InstaBox is an app that really generates real and active Instagram followers. All followers come from real users, and natural organic growth will benefit the development of your account. In InstaBox, you can follow people you are interested in and like posts you are in favor of. With its clear interface, it’s easy to find the place to get followers.

#3 iPhone Instagram Followers Up - Getinself

Getinself, an auto Instagram followers app, is absolutely a good helper to your Instagram followers boosting. As a trusted alternative app to IG, it gathers active users together. With non-drop followers guaranteed, it gains good reviews. This app promises no password, no survey, no human verification for any time you use it to gain followers. Just download now and you will see a great change in your Instagram followers count.


IG (Ig, or Ig is a simple and easy Instagram follower generator, but its complex human verification and premises to activate the followers could be a little bit bewildering. And the bewildering cousins - IG and IG are competing for attention too. But never mind them, luckily, another practical, easy, and effective IG follower generator is prepared. Download InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} and let it show you how to hack unlimited Instagram followers free!

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