Avoid Fake Likes and Get Real Likes on Instagram 100% Free

 Boost your Instagram presence with 100% genuine and real likes. Read this article to learn how to detect fake likes and get real likes on Instagram 100% free.

Sydny | Updated 2022-03-16

Having a large number of Instagram likes is crucial to your success on the network, but it seems difficult to get many Instagram likes in a short time. Many users grow discouraged or dissatisfied in the process and turn to companies that sell fake likes on Instagram to boost their account's popularity.

Are fake likes on Instagram beneficial for boosting Instagram? Of course not. Actually, It will slow down or even do harm to the growth of your Instagram. For a healthy increase, you should know how to distinguish whether they are fake likes or real likes. In this article, it will give you a detailed guide on how to spot and avoid fake likes on Instagram and get real IG likes.

Avoid Fake Likes and Get Real Likes


  • Use Fake Likes Tool to Get Fake Instagram Likes
  • Choose Reliable Instagram Likes App to Avoid Fake Likes Instagram
  • How to Spot Fake Likes for Less Damage on Your Instagram
  • What Are the Disadvantages of Gaining Fake Likes on Instagram?

Use Fake Likes Tool to Get Fake Instagram Likes

Likes.io is one of the tools that provides fake likes Instagram. It assures that you receive hundreds of likes on Instagram. All you have to do is to enter your Instagram username and emails, and then get fake Instagram likes.

Fake Likes Instagram


  • You can instantly get fake likes and followers on Instagram.

  • It is simple to use and requires three simple actions.

How to get fake likes on Instagram?

Step 1: To get started, visit Likes.io official website.

Step 2: Choose the plans and the types of likes you want.

Step 3: Enter your Instagram username and emails to get fake Instagram likes.

Choose Reliable Instagram Likes App to Avoid Fake Likes Instagram

If you are looking for a reliable and safe Instagram app instead of fake likes on Instagram app, you should use InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android}

InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} is a free Instagram auto liker that can help you acquire an endless number of free Instagram likes. There are two versions, one is for Android devices, another is for iOS devices. It's simple to use and sends you 100% genuine Instagram likes!

The intermedium currency makes "free" feasible with this InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android}. You can earn coins by completing simple tasks like following Instagram users and liking other people's posts. Then you can use these coins to trade your free Instagram likes. Because this app brings together a large number of active Instagrammers as a fantastic community to connect with, it ensures that every like you receive is from genuine Instagram users.

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 What you will benefit from InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android}?

No Fake Likes, 100% Real

These likes are 100% real because no bots are used to generate free Instagram likes. This massive platform attracts many active Instagram users, ensuring that all likes come from real Instagram accounts. You will get 100% genuine Instagram likes and followers, and your account will grow organically.

No Payment Needed, 100% Free

InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} is the best app to get Instagram likes free. You don't need to spend money to gain Instagram likes. It is 100% free. Instead, a simple coins activity can be used to swap your free Instagram likes.

Safe & Private

InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} is completely secure and risk-free, you will not be exposed to any viruses, malware, or information leaks while using it and your privacy will be fully protected.

Instant Delivery and Customer Service

Instant delivery of free Instagram likes within 24 hours and provides 24/7 customer support.

How to get 100% real and authentic Instagram likes step by step?

Step 1. Download & install InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} on your iOS device. InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} is also available on Android devices.

You'll earn some coins as soon as you join in, which you can use to get likes and followers.

Step 2. Log in and add your Instagram accounts. You can add a maximum of 5 Instagram accounts. Earn coins through following Instagram users and liking Instagram posts.

Fake Likes on Instagram App

Step 3. You can use these earned coins to attain more likes or followers.

Fake Likes on Instagram

Press the "Store" symbol at the bottom if you don't have enough coins. Then choose a price plan to buy coins right away.

For each price plan, you can get a fixed number of coins. The more coins you buy, the more rewards coins you'll get.

How to Spot Fake Likes for Less Damage on Your Instagram

If you want to know how to spot fake likes and followers on Instagram, check the following:

1. Many phony account followers with no photographs or interactions of their own are a significant red flag and a clear indicator of suspicious conduct. 

2. Some more intelligent bot accounts write comments to look authentic. The issue is that these remarks are general and uninformative. For example, you may notice that an account frequently comments "excellent photo" or "nice work." 

3. Fake influencer accounts frequently upload a significant volume of material in a short period and have extremely inconsistent posting patterns.

What Are the Disadvantages of Gaining Fake Likes on Instagram?

Buying Instagram likes and followers might be costly at times, and you may not always receive the results you desire. As a result, it is critical to conduct detailed research and purchase them from reputable sources. Here are a few disadvantages of getting fake Instagram likes:

1. After purchasing followers and likes, you will see an immediate increase in your Instagram account and business. However, this sharp increase will only last a short time. 

2. Purchasing followers does not signify the end of your efforts. You'd also have to interact with them and keep them on your account active.

3. A poor purchase of fake followers might damage your reputation and cause your account to be flagged. 

4. Furthermore, if your account is flagged for spamming posts and comments, it can get removed from the app for breaking the rules.

The Bottom Line 

Fake likes on Instagram is never a smart idea since they are likely to be removed by Instagram. Fake likes might also appear suspicious to consumers who figure out what you're doing. However, if you're looking for a quick and reliable way to increase your Instagram likes, InsBottleGetInssta{GetInsta-Android} can help you purchase authentic Instagram likes that won't jeopardize your reputation.

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