Download Private Instagram Stories on iOS/Android/PC Easily

How to download private Instagram stories quickly & easily? Here are 3 Instagram private story downloaders for iOS/Android/PC respectively, check out!

Colin | Updated 2023-03-16

From Google, Instagram now is one of the biggest social platforms, where people can not only plan marketing strategies accordingly but also get an enjoyable experience with various amazing posts.  

Download Private Instagram Stories on All Devices

However, unlike other platforms, Instagram doesn’t allow users to save photos or download private Instagram stories directly. But don’t worry! Whether you are on the iPhone, Samsung, or Dell, here are some useful tips that cover all devices as long as there is a demand for saving posts easily. Stay tuned! 


  • Download Private Instagram Stories with iOS
  • Download Instagram Stories Private Account with Android
  • PC Instagram Private Story Downloader
  • Bonus: How to Boost Your Real & Free Insta Followers in 2 steps

Warm Note: Many people download private Instagram stories for their own collection or commercial use, but if more story materials are needed, then more followers are naturally regarded as resources for unlimited stories. Check how many followers are on your account now, and get more for free!

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But if you are not merely save them for your own use, then check the following to know more!

Download Private Instagram Stories with iOS

From Google, Apple hits 1.5 billion active devices running iOS in 2021, and its users are curious about how to download private Instagram videos. Here are two ways for iOS to help.

Download Instagram Stories Private with InsTake 

If you spend a lot of time watching, making, and downloading Insta Stories online, chances are you’ve heard of InsTake. InsTake is an Instagram private story downloader that helps you download Insta Stories and posts in a few clicks.

Why InsTake?  

  • User-friendly

Unlike the Instagram followers software, Instake is committed to the principle of being less is actually being more. Namely, not only its user interface is simple, but also the operating steps are very easy to implement.

  • No Ads

InsTake ranks your demands on downloading Instagram pictures and posts as the priority, but it doesn’t have to be achieved at the prices of making your phone frozen via casually adding spam popups.

  • Safe 

There is a slim possibility that privacy information leakage would happen to you, for InsTake has got a strong and professional development team to escort your every single click within this app.

So, how does this wonderful app work to download private Instagram stories? Let’s see the following. 

Step 1. After downloading InsTake on your phone, open the Instagram Story that you want to keep on your device, and then copy the link.

 Download Private Instagram Stories with iOS - Step 1.png

Step 2. Paste the link in InsTake, and download the content on your phone in clicks.

 Download Private Instagram Stories with iOS - Step 2.png

Step 3. Check it on your phone album.

 Download Private Instagram Stories with iOS - Step 3.png

Download Instagram Stories Private without Third-party Apps

Besides, if you are an Apple loyalist who wants to download Instagram stories private account without any third-party apps, another way here waits for your try. Before getting started, in order to guarantee you will enjoy a smooth process, you can in advance go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap the plus icon next to Screen Recording. When it is done, the surface will be like this.

 Download Instagram Stories Private Account.png

Now, let’s get started to make Instagram private story download.

Step 1. Turn to the Instagram Story page that you want to do the downloading work. Then swipe from the bottom edge of any screen and tap the icon and start recording.

How to Download Private Instagram Story Videos - Step 1.png

Step 2. You can stop screen recording whenever you want. As the above finished, go to check it in the Photos like mentioned above.


  • Except for downloading live videos and photos on Insta, you can copy text and labels from Instagram as well.

  • You can share your favorite photos and videos with friends directly and efficiently instead of previous copying the whole link and then pasting it to the dialog box.

  • Free video downloader and repost for Instagram and IGTV.

  • Downloading photos and videos in batches.

  • No login is required.


  • Sometimes the app will be unable to find any Stories or suddenly stop working.

What's more, when having kept others' amazing Instagram Stories on your own, you can also publish them for the second time to attract more new audiences by adding hashtags or applying trendy Instagram caption ideas.

Download Instagram Stories Private Account with Android

Story Assistant bills itself as the “Your one-stop-shop for downloading videos on Instagram,” and that’s not an empty boast: from Google, Story Assistant scores 4.6 Star out of 5 on Google Play with its installation comes to around 1,000,000 times. If you are an Android user who is looking for an Instagram private story downloader, Story Assistant would like to help. 

 Download Instagram Stories of Private Account with Android.png

Why Story Assistant? 

  • Easy to Use

Not only the user interface but also the introduction on steps are very simple, even you are an Insta beginner there is no difficulty for you to use this private Instagram story downloader.

  • Support Multiple Accounts

Considering you are the IG user who has a large demand for quick downloading posts, videos, and Stories without unnecessary repetitive operations, Story Assistant supports adding multiple contents at a time, which is very convenient.

 Instagram Private Story Downloader - Feature 2.png

  • Support Bookmark Accounts

Though it is an app, Story Assistant supports one function which is very similar to that of the web page: Bookmark. With this feature, you can bookmark the contents you like and check them whenever in just one or two clicks.

 Instagram Private Story Downloader - Feature 3.png


  • Free from system crash: Superfast saving Instagram videos and photos.

  • Free from device limits: Downloading videos or repost from Instagram with the Android operating system.

  • Free from complex operations: Sharing your favorite videos and pictures with others in one or two clicks.


  • To use this app you need to log in your account in advance.

PC Instagram Private Story Downloader

Except for the people who want to download Instagram stories private and easy on the phone, there is also a group of people who want to get Instagram private story download on PC. If you are one of them, what would you do? Downloading the whole Instagram stories private account? Finishing the downloading job firstly on the mobile and then send it to the PC by USB cable? In fact, you don’t have to bother. Gramsave helps you download Instagram stories of private accounts online. Let’s see how.

 Private Instagram Stories Download

Step 1. Open the page you want to download and copy the link.

 Download IG Stories Private Account - Step 1.png

Step 2. Paste the link in the search box of Gramsave to download Instagram private story.

 Download IG Stories Private Account - Step 2.png

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The Bottom Line

Download private Instagram Stories paves the way for you to have a more enjoyable experience on the platform since Insta has provided the best features within Story to understand your audience more than you would by just reading their comments on your posts. Now knowing how to download private Instagram Story videos or some private Instagram story downloader, Instagram Reel downloader apps are not a secret anymore. No matter you are with iOS, Android, or PC, or even if you want to gain more followers on IG extra, this page provides several possibilities to try. GetinselfGetInsstaIG Likerr followers app can help you get the most followers every 30 minutes. Just get started!

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